Art Direction + Design

I create visual identities, print and digital layouts and responsive websites. I also take photos and make films with organizations, agencies, bands and galleries.

Hannah Georgas

@Hannah Georgas is a Canadian indie musician who released her new album in June 2016. I worked with longtime friend and designer/creative director Jud Haynes on making a new responsive website. I did the art direction and front-end development using HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Fogo Island Arts

@Fogo Island Arts is a residency-based contemporary art venue for artists, filmmakers, writers, musicians, curators, designers and thinkers from around the world.

Sunsets on Fogo Island are frequently documented for their vivid beauty. Looking to incorporate elements of the scenery enjoyed around the four beautifully designed studios, we used the colours seen as the sun sets on the island as inspiration for the website and print material. This let us change the background colour for each element to our liking on both the website and in print. Built with a custom Wordpress theme, HTML, CSS and Javascript.


Problem Child

@The Rooms Provincial Art Gallery's exhibition Problem Child featured artists who were in some ways the ones challenging the status quo.

I created a visual identity including this logo and a propaganda-style newsletter piece that doubled as a poster referencing The Treachery of Images. The typography is very playful and cohesive.


Fogo Island Shop

International collaborations with a deep connection to one magical place – Fogo Island.

The furniture and products sold by the Shop connect Fogo Island Inn guests and hosts, and designers and craftspeople. The aim is to share and strengthen a culture guided by ingenuity and joy.

I came on board to photograph products for the website. I did the art direction and UI for the website after conceptualizing a grid system and wireframing. I then translated the design system to print material for the furniture launch collection at Klaus by Nienkamper in Toronto.

Built with Shopify. This site has been changed since its initial launch.


Fogo Island Inn

There's much to be said about the Fogo Island Inn – a truly unique project and winner of many international awards since it first opened its doors in the spring of 2013.

It's a marriage of contemporary and traditional all in one. Future thinking and old ways equally inspire the furnishings and designs.

The website I art directed continued this design dialogue online. I went with a long-form magazine style that encouraged exploring the nooks and crannies much like you would do in the Inn. Caslon was chosen as one of the typefaces due to its revival during the Arts and Crafts movement in the late 1800s – akin to what's happening on the island. Live from 2013–January 2016.


Post Espresso Bar

Newfoundland's first true espresso bar launched in 2011. Open for just two years before the owner David relocated to London, England, Post brought something special to the city of St. John's.

I created the visual identity (logo, typography selection and print material) based off of David's love of Scandinavian minimalism and his connection with Iceland while studying the language there.


Plants and Animals / Wintersleep

Two recent websites I created with collaborator Jud Haynes are for the Canadian bands @Plants and Animals and @Wintersleep.

Both are similar with a video player background but have different features and design layouts.

The sites were launched in March and April of 2016. /


Directing/Cinematography Reel

I've worked with some amazing people in film and have taken on different roles such as directing and producing projects — like the 30 minute film about band Hey Rosetta! where we spent a week on Fogo Island in a remote 100 year old church and Scandinavian / Newfoundland inspired studio. I've also taken direction from others such as the 2016 Newfoundland Tourism digital campaign where I was a camera operator, stills photographer and filmed the cinemagraphs that led to close collaboration from a fantastic team lead by Target Marketing.